January 26, 2013
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Please give a round of applause to our personal gurus, the Mystical Poets commonly known as Emblem3. These brosefs have changed our lives with their inspirational musings about, like, the world and whatever, and we’ve rounded up their top 10 most poetic tweets! Who says The X Factorcontestants don’t go on to great things?

Basically, all the Emblem3 dudes are a hybrid of Patrick Swayze in Point Break and Keanu Reeves in real life. That is to say, perfect. In every way.

1. Emblem3 is going to save us all: “Earth is like the best planet in the world.”
No comment.

2. Drew is happy-sad: “That moment when you look up to the night sky and tears begin surface because your just so happy to be alive and so blessed to even breath.”
A sic(k)waterfall of inspiration just splashed all over us.

3. Keaton free-associates: “Once upon a galaxy ago… Moon sand was cold. …And warm… At the same time.”
FYI, Keaton has been alive forever.

4. Wesley muses: “Success is sweet: the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats.
He’s totally the best professor in The School of Emblem3.

5. Keaton has a feeling: “I have a feeling today is a day to be inspired and spread way to much love and positivity!”
Does “spreading love” equal spreading cream cheese on this bagel? ‘Cause that’s what we’re doing.

6. Drew writes a poem: “imagination is the inspiration of creation. But inspiration is the source of imagination. a self sustaining system of perfect unification!
Go away, everyone, we’re writing a thesis on this quote.

7. Drew reads the dictionary: “The definition of compassion is so cool.”
Compassion: noun. see Emblem3.

8. Keaton word-voms: “I went to the store. I love puppies. #Dancing”

9. Drew’s guitar gently weeps: “A guitar radiates its true beauty from internal vibrations. Even if its beaten and covered in stickers, The beauty always comes from within.”
Drew is The Guitar Whisperer.

10. Drew looks up: “How convenient that the moon is there to let us know that the sun is still there and that tomorrow is just right around the corner.”
Drew is gonna be really blown away when he discovers clocks.